Adelaide Go Clubs

Where to play

The Adelaide Go Club meets approximately twice a month, usually on a Saturday afternoon. All players welcome, beginner to expert. Meeting details are advertised on the Adelaide go mailing list. For more information, contact the mailing list administrators.

Mailing list

If you would like to be on the Adelaide go mailing list, just give us your email address by filling in this form. The mailing list is used to advertise club meeting times and other events, and to help go players in Adelaide contact each other. This list is not affiliated with any particular club, but is for the use of anyone who is interested in go.

Useful links

To learn the rules of go (for beginners): The Interactive Way to Go
Other web resources for learning more about the game: Alex's go links
To play online against other people, in real time: KGS or IGS
To play online at a very relaxed pace (a few moves per day): OGS or DGS
To buy books and equipment by mail order in Australia: John Hardy's shop (or Go Game Guru if the store ever re-opens)
The Australian Go Association (info about clubs, events, etc.)

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